To make HIT the main and integrated Research Pole in the fields of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Tourism in Greece and among the top 10 relevant nodes of technology and expertise in Europe.

HIT-Sector C has acquired new infrared thermography research equipment. Infrared thermography is used in the industry for inspecting structural integrity and identifying defects or damage, in various materials such as metals, plastics, composites, ceramics, concrete, wood and others. IRT can be used for inspecting transport systems, such as ships, aircrafts, trains, and road vehicles, during their maintenance phase thus improving safety and reducing cases of catastrophic failure. Thermography uses the distribution of surface temperature and radiation of energy over time to assess surface and subsurface defects from a structure. The new equipment includes:

  • Thermography camera FLIR A655SC
  • Flash and halogen lamps for carrying out pulsed, optical lockin and step heating
  • Controller unit for thermography equipment
  • Eddy current thermography equipment
  • Accessories for thermography (tripods, holders for samples)
  • FLIR ResearchIR thermography image acquisition software
  • IRView- thermography data processing software
  • In house developed thermography data processing software tools


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