To make HIT the main and integrated Research Pole in the fields of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Tourism in Greece and among the top 10 relevant nodes of technology and expertise in Europe.
  1. Development of HIT as the Central National Research Pole in Transport and Tourism.
  2. Development of Centers of Excellence and Innovation in key areas in these sectors.
  3. Development of Tourism as an additional research pole of the Institute.
  4. Further development of the Maritime Transport research pole.
  5. Focusing on Intelligent Transport solutions for smart cities.
  6. Use and further development of research infrastructure of H.I.T.
  7. Continuation and reinforcement of the cooperation among H.I.T. and the other Institutes of C.E.R.TH.
  8. Coordinated transfer of expertise from H.I.T. to Greek businesses, as well as to Society.
  9. Targeted exploitation of the research results and the expertise of the Institute.

The development of HIT will be based on a three-pillar coordinated development of Infrastructure, Partners-Partnerships and Action procedure, including:

  1. A. 10 Memoranda of Understanding (MoU)/ joint projects with Greek Universities and Regions.
  2. H.I.T. to become Certification Body for Infrastructures and People.
  3. 5 Framework Agreements between H.I.T. and official bodies (Public sector or PPP).
  4. 20% of H.I.T. resources stemming from services.
  5. Organization of conferences and events such as "Transfer of knowledge", "Open Days", "Summer Schools", "Business Opportunities", "H.I.T. Awards" and press conferences, in the context of opening to the society.
  6. 5 new fully operational Centers of Excellence.
  7. 5 new researchers and 10% increase in budget annually.
  8. Research assessment on the basis of internationally accepted indices (e.g. CWTS Leiden Ranking Index).
  9. "Shadowing" policy by at least 2 followers-young researchers/ associates per H.I.T. researcher.
  10. Partnerships with private entities for the evaluation of all the categories of infrastructure and 10 accessibility studies for the E.C., E.U. Parliament, Municipalities and Communities in Greece and abroad.
  11. Participation in PPPs or port studies for at least 2 ports - Strategic partnership with at least 3 shipping / maritime companies.
  12. Development of at least 3 Greek cities as Smart Cities at E.U. level, under the leadership of HIT and realization of 3 research projects or studies on Sustainable Mobility, Transport and Environment.
  13. Upgrading existing laboratories, integration of 30 services into the H.I.T. business node, offering roughly 5 research or industrial projects per existing infrastructure / laboratory.
  14. 3 patents and 3 spin-off companies (in collaboration also with other CERTH Institutes).

Mainly focusing on multilateral cooperation , H.I.T. promotes the collaboration with:

  • Other C.E.R.T.H. Institutes.
  • Greek Universities (MoU).
  • Pan-European b International Entities (Participation - Administration).
  • Individual research entities and businesses at national / European / international level (MoU, common commercial exploitation of products).


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