To make HIT the main and integrated Research Pole in the fields of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Tourism in Greece and among the top 10 relevant nodes of technology and expertise in Europe.

On Monday March 13th, HIT/CERTH hosted at its premises 80 in total students of the 1st grade of Fryganiotis High School, in order to inform them on issues related to road safety.

Students had the opportunity through the dedicated on “Road safety” seminar to understand how they should behave as future road users, not only as drivers and passengers of private vehicles, but as pedestrians and cyclists as well.

fryganiotis visit at HIT premices Thessaloniki 

The seminar was conducted by Dr. Kornilia Maria Kotoula, Transport Engineer, research associate in HIT/CERTH. After the seminar, students participated in an experiential exercise, where a scenario relevant to road safety issues was presented to them. Students, had the opportunity to investigate and further analyze the scenario in order to propose the most appropriate solutions to solve the problems the scenario captured.  Following, students were divided into groups and visited:

  • Thessaloniki Smart Mobility Living Lab, where they got informed by Dr. Jose Maria Salanova Grau, Transport Engineer and Head of Laboratory B2 Data Analysis and Modelling and Mr. Zisis Maleas, Mechanical Engineer with experience in the field of Artificial Intelligence, on procedures relevant to traffic data collection, management and analysis.
    fryganiotis visit at HIT premices Thessaloniki
  • Research Vehicle for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Driver Behavior research (Driving Simulator), which records and analyzes on-line behavioral parameters and simulates advanced driving assistance systems. Students had the opportunity to be trained and experience possible risks they may encounter during a trip as private vehicle passengers, through realistic scenarios adapted to the daily traffic conditions of road network. The training was conducted by Pavlos Spanidis, Software Engineer.
    fryganiotis visit at HIT premices Thessaloniki

Finally, special printed material dedicated to road safety and travel behavior was distributed to students, designed and composed by HIT Transport Engineers.  


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