To make HIT the main and integrated Research Pole in the fields of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Tourism in Greece and among the top 10 relevant nodes of technology and expertise in Europe.

HELLENIC INSTITUTE of TRANSPORT (HIT/CERTH), the main transport research institute in Greece and one among the most recognized pan-European institutions, supervised by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT) of the Greek Ministry of Culture, Education and Religious Affairs, through strategically targeted actions and partnerships, creates the necessary conditions for healthy and sustainable development, in the effort of Greece to emerge from the crisis.

The recent signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the South Aegean Region is an important step in this direction. The Memorandum is signed by HIT/CERTH Director Dr. Evangelos Bekiaris and South Aegean Regional Governor Giorgos Hatzimarkos. The aim of the Memorandum is to strengthen the development perspective of the Southern Aegean Region in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Tourism, Shipping, Trade and Culture.

HIT/CERTH’s expertise on the above areas is extremely important. In particular, in terms of operation, organization, planning, financial analysis and management of transport systems, provision of education, training and dissemination of the results of the research conducted by the Institute, HIT/CERTH supports regional development and promotes strong partnerships with the Trade, Industry, Tourism and Shipping operators. Closer cooperation with the South Aegean Region sets the foundations for a wider strategic planning, including joint actions on:

• Strengthening the competitiveness and entrepreneurship of transport and tourism services in the South Aegean Region through the provision of specialized services and research actions.
• Enhancement of the competitiveness and entrepreneurship through education and training for executives of all disciplines relevant to Transport and Tourism in the Region of the South Aegean.
• Supporting the participation of the Region and its stakeholders in research and innovation (participation in national and EU research programs).
• Consulting on the introduction of smart infrastructures, services and solutions in the transport and tourism sectors.

As HIT/CERTH Director Evangelos Bekiaris notes, "co-signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the South Aegean Region representatives signifies that HIT, as a scientific body, has an active intervention role with strong, dynamic, effective, cooperative and strategic planned actions towards creating nationwide synergies between Transportation and Tourism sectors.

Dr Bekiaris


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