To make HIT the main and integrated Research Pole in the fields of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Tourism in Greece and among the top 10 relevant nodes of technology and expertise in Europe.


After three years of fruitful cooperation and a successful implementation of 8 regional case studies and a Roadmap for Intermodality in the ADRION region, the Inter-Connect project (Intermodality Promotion and Rail Renaissance in Adriatic -Ionian Region - https://interconnect.adrioninterreg.eu/), funded under the Interreg ADRION Programme 2014-2020 (1st call), held its final virtual conference on 10 December, 2020.
The event which gathered over fifty participants focused on “Improving passenger transport Intermodality in the Adriatic Ionian region” and strategies for facing the future of intermodality and interconnectivity, aimed at presenting the tangible results achieved during project’s lifecycle. In particular, the Center for Research and Technology/Hellenic Institute of Transport – CERTH/HIT, the technical coordinator of the project, presented the Inter-Connect Roadmap, one of the core outcomes, which constitutes a guide and tool for decision makers with concrete recommendations for intermodality promotion.
Participants provided valuable feedback to Inter-Connect results and shared their perspectives on how to improve intermodality in the Adriatic Ionian Region through an interactive Q&A session. They stressed in particular integrated ticketing, timetable integration and travel time reduction as the best solutions for improving rail attractiveness for passengers; the lack of understanding for the need of synergies as the current main obstacle and the importance of cross-sectorial exchange to further promote intermodality in ADRION Region.
The round-table discussion, with CERTH/HIT coordinating the ADRION Thematic Cluster Urban and Interurban Low Carbon Intermodal Mobility for Passengers (https://www.adrioninterreg.eu/index.php/2020/03/04/adrion-thematic-cluster-on-urban-and-interurban-low-carbon-intermodal-mobility-for-passengers/, of which Inter-Connect project is part), was an excellent opportunity to exchange knowledge and best practices with other ADRION projects on sustainable mobility and confirmed the common target to develop a resilient, sustainable and efficient transport network based on cross-sectorial transnational cooperation.

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