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Acronym: SAFE-UP
Project Title: Proactive safety systems and tools for constantly upgrading road environment
48 months (01/06/2020 – 31/05/2023)

Description & Objectives: SAFE-UP is a 3-year European H2020 Research & Innovation project (www.safe-up.eu) started in June 2020. SAFE-UP is proactively designing and analysing safety-critical scenarios in a highly automated and mixed traffic environment by integrating traffic accident data and future traffic conditions with new forms of safety metrics and sub-microscopic models in a traffic simulation platform. To validate the potential of these concepts, SAFE-UP will use two types of use cases (one urban and one non-urban) covering at least 64% of all current traffic fatalities.
Based on the findings, new safety technologies and safety assessment methodologies can be designed in tandem with the new mobility, rather than lagging behind.

HIT key role and responsibilities: Within SAFE-UP CERTH/HIT is involved in the following activities:

  • Define system specifications and perform risk assessment for each of the active safety system modules involved in each Demo.
  • Leading Demo 4 that involves the study, development, testing and demonstration of personalised safety warning for Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs) through smart devices, including the development and integration of the VRUs components with the required software for C-ITS implementation and the corresponding Human-Machine Interface.
  • Leading the project training activities and act as lead developer of the training content for various user groups with special focus on VRUs, the definition of the training assessment methodology and the training assessment study.
  • Contribute to the definition of the project use cases and specifically to the active safety systems scenarios involving VRUs, the system performance evaluation and the project scientific dissemination.


Contact person:
Dr Mary Panou
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Stella Nikolaou
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+30 211 1069 558

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