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Project Title: Automated driving Progressed by Internet Of Things
Duration: 36 months (01/01/2017 - 31/12/2019

Description: AUTOPILOT is a H2020 Large-Scale Pilot (LSP) that aims to enable safer and highly automated driving using smart devices and objects connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). It will develop new services on top of IoT to involve autonomous driving vehicles tested, in real conditions, at five large scale pilot sites. Using IoT technologies, AUTOPILOT will drive Automated Driving towards new levels by:

  • Enhancing driving environment perception with “IoT enabled” sensors.
  • Fostering innovation in automotive, IoT and mobility services.
  • Contributing to the development of IoT standardisation and eco-system.
  • Using and evaluating advanced V2X connectivity technologies.
  • Involving users, public services and business players to assess the IoT socio-economic benefits for mobility.

AUTOPILOT was officially launched on February 6th, 2017 with a public event held in Versailles City Hall, co-organised by VGP, Vedecom, CERTH and ERTICO. The event, hosted by the French Pilot Site in Versailles, allowed the attendees to discover this site in detail, as well as give the possibility for local stakeholders to learn about the AUTOPILOT targets. More than 100 stakeholders attended, representing a variety of Mobility Actors, including public authorities, industry, service providers, users and research institutes. Within the IoT eco-system, sensors and connected objects will provide data to the IoT platforms that will be integrated in the vehicles and infrastructure. The IoT platform will be designed in such a way so as to ensure it is interoperable, standardised, secure and of open-access. The data exchanged during the communication between vehicles and connected objects will contribute towards the development of automated driving application and new mobility services for fully automated vehicles.

Objectives: The IoT enabled automated vehicles will be deployed at six pilot tests sites – 5 in EU countries and 1 in S. Korea. Piloting activities will run from June 2018 to June 2019. The pilot sites will generate data to evaluate the technical performance of the Internet of Things to allow safer highly automated driving as well as to assess the socio-economic impacts. All autonomous vehicles participating in the project will be tested in real conditions, allowing multi-criteria evaluations of the IoT impact on pushing the level of autonomous driving. AUTOPILOT consists of five main Use Cases (UCs) which will be tested in the selected pilot sites (table 1). Further to that, AUTOPILOT builds on advanced business models and services for autonomous driving such as:

  • City chauffeur services for tourists.
  • Vulnerable Road Users sensing.
  • Driverless car rebalancing.
  • HD maps for automated driving.
  • 6th Sense Driving.
  • Automated driving route optimisation.
  • Dynamic eHorizon.

HIT key role and responsibilities: Greece is represented through CERTH/HIT which is responsible for the following:

  • Coordination of all pilot sites specifications and the corresponding pilot plans.
  • • Coordination of the business impact assessment for each Pilot Site use cases.
  • Coordination of the local pilot events and the scientific project dissemination.
  • Development of an innovative IoT platform for the collaborative perception of automated cars and vulnerable road users (pedestrians and cyclists) through the use of IoT connected smart objects for the safe coexistence of all road users in area of the Versailles castle.

AUTOPILOT is coordinated by ERTICO – ITS Europe and encompasses 43 partners from 13 European countries, as well as 1 International (non-EU) partner, representing the IoT and automotive sector, research institutes and universities as well as European organisations.

Contact person:
Dr. Evangelos Bekiaris
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Stella Nikolaou
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