To make HIT the main and integrated Research Pole in the fields of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Tourism in Greece and among the top 10 relevant nodes of technology and expertise in Europe.

Duration: 7 months (22/10/2019 - 22/7/2020)

Description: The project " NOTIO AIGAIO – PROSBASIMH PERIFEREIA" aims to fully assess the accessibility of buildings and services of the South Aegean Region in Rhodes (up to 15 buildings) and to prepare a relevant study to achieve their full accessibility for all residents and visitors with mobility, vision, hearing, mental disabilities or other problems (due to age or temporarily due to accident).

Objectives: The following specific results are provided to achieve the above:

  • Development of a specially adapted questionnaire based on the specifications of the 10 main international regulations for disabilities, including the ones from the Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works.
  • Evaluation of the accessibility of the outdoor space, the main entrance of the building, interior space, elevators, toilets, other elements (e.g. level of lighting, alarm, etc. ..).
  • Categorization of buildings (as ‘Accessible’, ‘Semi-accessible’ and ‘Inaccessible’), based on general specifications. Provision of a complete description of the situation for evaluation by each interested party.
  • Evaluation of fully autonomous access only (without the need of a companion).
  • Creation of a form / tool for evaluation of the buildings of the South Aegean Region in Rhodes and buildings of interest (up to 15 buildings).
  • Creation of a list and evaluation plan of buildings and services.
  • Development of a study of general proposals for immediate improvement of the accessibility of buildings and services, including data on intervention costs.
  • Development of an educational scheme for employees of the Region.

HIT key role and responsibilities: CERTH/HIT is responsible for the execution of the entire project, more specifically for the organization of the evaluation, the creation of the material for the evaluation of the buildings and the training scheme for employees of the Region, the development of the study of the necessary suggestions for immediate improvement of accessibility, the supervision of implementation direct interventions by the Municipality/Region, the organization and development of material for the relevant dissemination actions (e.g. workshops, brochures, press releases), etc.

Contact person:
Dr. Evangelos Bekiaris
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+30 2310 498 261/+30 211 10 69 599


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