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Project title: Cοoperative logistics for sustainable mobility of goods

Duration: 25 months (1/1/2014 - 31/1/2016)


The CO-GISTICS project is an innovative action aiming at the use of existing cooper­ative mobility systems in freight transport by providing the following five services:

  • Intelligent truck parking and delivery areas management
  • Cargo Transport Optimisation
  • CO2 footprint estimation and monitor­ing
  • Priority and Speed advice
  • Eco-drive support

The pilots of the project tackle the eco­nomic and environmental challenges faced by the freight transport industry, aiming at the improvement of energy ef­ficiency and the reduction of air pollu­tion emissions of freight transport. With its application in 7 of the largest freight hubs in Europe (Frankfurt, Trieste, Vigo, Bordeaux, Bilbao, Arad and Thessaloniki), the CO-GISTICS collaborative services will contribute to the sustainable and efficient operation of the freight vehicles, road net­works, ports, airports, railway stations and freight transport in general. The oper­ation of the cooperative services and their related technology systems will continue after the completion of the project, allow­ing further development of these services by operators in the future. For the pilots, a total of 325 vehicles will be used.

Collaborative CO-GISTICS services will contribute to the reduction of air pollution emissions from freight transport through applications such as the Eco-Drive sup­port service. Through this service driv­ers will be continuously updated for CO2 emissions, which will be reduced by ap­plying driving support technologies and selection of speed profile for a more en­vironmentally friendly driving style. The CO-GISTICS project will also increase the efficiency of the freight transport sector, by reducing fuel consumption and direct­ly issuing the proof-of-delivery of the goods. Finally, the freight vehicle drivers will benefit using the services, due to the reduction of stress and improvement of their working conditions, by through the provision of information about the status of traffic lights.


CO-GISTICS aims, with the convergence of M2M (and Freight Object to Object) and Cooperative Systems (the connected ve­hicle) technologies to integrate, and then deploy as cloud-services that support and enhance the logistic process and the effectiveness of the fleet to substantially improve the results of the transportation community, economically as well as in sustainability.


Coordinator of the impact assessment tasks in the seven cities.

Contact persons:
Josep Maria Salanova Grau,
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+30 2310 498 433
Georgia Ayfadopoulou,
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+30 2310 498 451


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