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Acronym: RAIL4SEE
Project Title: Rail Hub Cities for South East Europe
30 months (01/05/2012 - 31/10/2014)

Description & Objectives: South East Europe cities are the "first/last legs" of transnational transport chains. These chains consist of local, regional and transnational transport systems. On the one hand South East Europe (SEE) faces the need for transnational rail connections among rail hubs, especially on TEN-T networks and along the main intercity lines. On the other hand rail and in general public transport bound feeder lines need for upgrade, strengthening and better organisation. That calls for a multimodal integration of local/city transport networks, regional transport systems and transnational transport axes. City rail hubs and Regions have a role to integrate these different transport levels as means for improved transport interconnectivity in SEE.
The challenge that the RAIL4SEE partners share is the development of models, concepts, measures, harmonised strategies and policy actions targeted to the improvement of rail and intermodal transport in SEE. In particular partners call for complementary interventions facing the alleviation of barriers for rail hubs integration in the local, regional, transnational and TEN-T systems, transport services projecting & harmonisation, governance improvement, in particular in the transversal perspective of Public Transport Partnerships development, meant as operational agreements for a seamless provision of transport services & information to SEE citizens. RAIL4SEE answers the need for improved transnational rail connectivity in SEE by IT, governance, services & organization measures. It addresses non-infrastructural interventions aimed at integrating cities into transnational transport corridors and it works on the transnational transport backbone of SEE by involving 11 rail hubs and 11 TEN-T & PAN EU corridors. In this perspective RAIL4SEE will enhance rail transport by improving the feeding functions on rail of major hub-cities & of their respective regions and metropolitan contexts, integrate the primary & secondary transport networks via rail hubs, develop functional integration and multimodal cooperation among transport hubs.

RAIL4SEE brings together major public authorities competent for policy making in rail & public transport, rail operators & technical knowledge providers of SEE representing major rail hubs & sharing the need for improving their mutual transport connections in a green & seamless accessibility perspective: Bologna, Venice, Trieste, Ljubljana, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Thessaloniki, Sofia, Zagreb, Bucharest. RAIL4SEE focuses its activities along the backbone of the transport corridors in SEE: TEN-T Priority Projects (PP) 1 Berlin-Palermo, PP6 Lisbon-Kiev, PP17 Paris-Bratislava, PP22 Athens-Sofia-Budapest-Vienna, PP23 Gdansk-Bratislava-Vienna, PP29 Ionian/Adriatic intermodal corridor (rail PPs), PP21 MoS, PP18 Rhine/Meuse-Main-Danube inland waterway, PP07 Motorway axis Igoumenitsa/Patras-Athens-Sofia-Budapest, PP25 Gdansk-Bratislava-Vienna, PAN EC X Thessaloniki-Beograd / Zagreb-Ljubljana / Budapest. That ensures the best framework of territories & bodies to face the RAIL4SEE challenges.
The RAIL4SEE activities are oriented to the long term sustainability of the project results from a political, financial and operational point of view, as the project directly involves the core decision makers in rail and public transport in SEE, that is to say policy makers and transport operators. In this sense the main visible outcomes are policy & investments improvements, pilot actions on integrated ticketing & information systems for transport users, the set up of regional & transnational cooperation platforms and improved rail services in SEE.

The project applies only on transport of persons and not on transport of goods. The developments to be realised in the framework of the project is not be selectively provided to entrepreneurs.

HIT key role and responsibilities: HIT is the coordinator of the project.


Contact person:
Georgia Aifadopoulou
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+30 2310498451

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