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Acronym: PIXEL
Project Title: Port IoT for Environmental Leverage
Duration: 36 months (+5) (01/05/2018 – 30/09/2021)

Description: PIXEL’s overall goal is to close the gap between small and large ports by providing an easy-to-use open-source smart platform for operational data interchange. Built on top of the stateof-the art interoperability technologies, the platform will integrate data coming from different information silos where internal and external stakeholders (port authorities, terminal operators, truck companies, shipping companies, city and regional authorities, and road/ rail companies) store their operational information. This data will be used to reduce environmental impact in Port Cities and surrounding areas by improving the knowledge and control of the port operations, optimizing processes, and improving management. The mission of PIXEL is to enable a multilateral collaboration, multimodal transport agents and cities to allow an optimal use of internal and external resources, sustainable economic growth, and environmental impact mitigation in all ports, regardless their size or volume of operations. Thus, PIXEL aims at bringing the Port of the Future paradigm to the complete spectrum of ports, with special focus in the small and medium sized. To do this, PIXEL will leverage an IoT based communication infrastructure to voluntarily exchange data among ports and stakeholders ensuring a measurable benefit in this process. The main outcome of this technology will be an efficient use of resources in ports, as well as the sustainable development and growth of ports and surrounding cities/regions. PIXEL is a use case driven action that focuses on the needs of the stakeholders in order to improve their performance by means of specific technology enablers and improved environmental and operational procedures.

The PIXEL Platform to be developed in the framework of the Project will be deployed and tested in four European Ports, namely the Port of Bordeaux, the Port of Monfalcone, the Port of Thessaloniki and the Port of Piraeus.


  • Enable the IoT-based connection of port resources, transport agents and city sensor Networks
  • Achieve an automatic aggregation, homogenization and semantic annotation of multi-source heterogeneous data from different internal and external actors
  • Develop an operational management dashboard to enable a quicker, more accurate and in-depth knowledge of port operations
  • Model and simulate port-operations processes for automated optimisation
  • Develop predictive algorithms
  • Develop a methodology for quantifying, validating, interpreting and integrating all environmental impacts of port activities into a single metric called the Port Environmental Index (PEI)
  • Develop guidelines for mitigating possible environmental and health effects of port activities and develop evidence-based, standardized and cost-effective procedures for environmental monitoring in port areas

HIT key role and responsibilities: CERTH participates in all stages of the PIXEL Project, adding to the consortium its expertise in port activities, transport logistics and environmental assessment but also in port ICT solutions and data systems. More specifically, CERTH participates in the development, assessment and dissemination of the main achievement of the project which is the Port Environmental Index (PEI).

CERTH oversees the evaluation of the PIXEL Platform and of the PIXEL use cases, being responsible for the business and economic evaluation of the PIXEL pilot applications.

Contact person:
Dr. Georgia Aifantopoulou
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+30 2310 498 457


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