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Acronym: Egnatia Accidents
Project Title: Traffic accident data collection and analysis on the Egnatia highway network
60 months (01/01/2019- 31/12/2023)

Description: The purpose of the project is to collect and analyze traffic accident data that occur on the road network of “Egnatia Odos SA”.
CERTH/HIT is required to collect and analyze data on up to one hundred (100) (serious) traffic accidents on the Egnatia Odos network that will take place within five (5) years of signing the contract.
This cooperation ensures that, through scientific research and accident analysis, the services provided by the two bodies have a common objective of improving road safety.

Objectives:More specifically the project includes:

  1. evaluation of the history of road traffic accidents on the network
  2. digitizing the data and integrating it into a database in accordance with relevant European standards or programs
  3. training staff to capture and record incident data
  4. preparation of detailed scientific (in-depth) analyzes and technical accident reports.

HIT key role and responsibilities: HIT is Subcontractor of the project.


Contact person:
Dr. Dimitris Margaritis
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+30 2310 498 467

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