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Department C: Non-land Transport, Environmental and Economic Issues
Head of Sector: Dr. V. Kappatos
Deputy: Dr. A. Anagnostopoulou

Research & Scientific Staff: Μ.Boile, A.Anagnostopoulou, V.Kappatos, A.Tromaras, E.Sdoukopoulos, A.Aggelakakis, N.Aggelopoulos, A.Akac, M.Kilikidou, X.Kitsios, M.Mathioulakis, CR. Medentzidis, AM.Moustaka, I.Pappa, VM.Perra, E.Spyrou, T.Tsenis

The activities of Sector C include research in the economic, energy and environmental aspects of the transport sector, transport infrastructure and asset management, as well as the design, planning, management and operations of the maritime and air transport systems.
Indicative research areas include:

  • Maritime Transport and Ports
  • Air transport and airports.
  • Pipeline transport.
  • Assessment of the environmental impacts of transport.
  • Transport energy issues (energy efficiency, renewable and sustainable energy).
  • Transport economics and finance.
  • Policy issues in maritime and air transport.
  • Air and maritime transport infrastructure and asset management.

Laboratory C1: Maritime Transport Systems and Services

Head: M. Boile

The Laboratory specializes in the design, planning, management and operations of ports and maritime transport systems. It’s research activities emphasize on all forms of shipping as well as on ports and terminal related issues.
 Indicative research fields:

  • International shipping including liner and tramp shipping
  • Coastal and short sea shipping,
  • Cruise shipping and yachting
  • Port and terminal planning, design, management and operations
  • Shipping and port logistics systems and services
  • Port environmental management systems
  • Safety and security in ports and maritime transport
  • Maritime and port economics
  • New technologies and their impacts on ports and maritime transport
  • Energy efficiency and alternative fuels in ports and maritime transport

Laboratory C2: Air Transport Systems and Services

Head: A.Tromaras 

The Laboratory specializes in the study of the air transport system covering aspects of design, planning, operation and management of airports, passenger and freight air transport systems, and services with manned and unmanned aerial vehicles.
Indicative research fields:

  • Infrastructure design and capacity planning of airports
  • Ground handling operations, land and air side access
  • Air traffic control systems
  • Operational design of airport infrastructure / capacity design / security issues
  • Demand forecasting, traffic management and optimization of operations
  • Economic and financial issues, airport investment
  • Application of new technologies and analysis of their impact on the air transport system
  • Use of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) and related services
  • Environmental impacts of airport operations and air transport services

Laboratory C3: Constructural and Infrastructure Research in Maritime and Air Transport.

Head: V. Kappatos

This Laboratory deals with the importance of preventive maintenance and non-destructive testing of maritime, ports and airport infrastructure and equipment, and the related transport means. The Laboratory develops appropriate tools and methods to address structural integrity, pattern recognition and signal processing of the various infrastructures.
Indicative research fields:

  • New techniques and methods for effective inspection and structural stability monitoring of infrastructure and equipment
  • Infrastructure control optimization
  • Non-destructive testing of infrastructure
  • Preventive maintenance of infrastructure
  • Structural Health Monitoring and Condition Monitoring
  • Structural Integrity, Pattern Recognition and Signal Processing
  • Optimization of construction control through hybrid and stochastic methods

Laboratory C4: Environmental and Energy Impacts of Transport Systems

Head: E.Sdoukopoulos
The Laboratory specializes in research targeting the impact of traffic and transport systems on health and the environment. It examines the energy consumption of and the use of alternative fuels in transport systems.
Indicative research fields:

  • Data collection and classification on the environmental impacts of transport systems
  • Assessment of the environmental impacts of transport
  • Health impacts of transport
  • Environmental impact assessment of urban transport systems
  • Use of alternative energy sources in transportation
  • Energy management and exploitation of sustainable energy sources
  • Sustainable transport infrastructure asset management and operations
  • Energy consumption in transport
  • Pipeline transport planning and operations

Laboratory C5: Economic and Social Impacts of Transport Systems
Head: A. Anagnostopoulou
This Laboratory deals with the analysis and evaluation of the economic and social impacts from the operation of transport systems and services. It examines traveler behavior in relation with policy formulation and implementation in various transport areas. In the context of the above, the Laboratory examines the problems within the transport economics environment and develops the appropriate tools and techniques to address these problems.
Indicative research fields:

  • Analysis of socio-economic impacts of transport
  • Models and techniques for economic evaluation of transport systems and services
  • Assessment of transport investments, transport economic appraisal
  • Internalization of transport externalities
  • Analysis of traveler behavior
  • Assessment of the role and the impact of transport systems on the economy and development of the country and its regions
  • Examination of the relationships and interactions between economic development and transport
  • Use of economic analysis tools and socio-economic impact assessment techniques in the field of transport
  • Pricing of transport services, subsidies, forms of financing.
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