To make HIT the main and integrated Research Pole in the fields of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Tourism in Greece and among the top 10 relevant nodes of technology and expertise in Europe.

Road accidents are a decades-long scourge with a negative social and economic impact. Greece faces the effects of road accidents by thousands every year. In order to prevent them and reduce their consequences, they need to be systematically analyzed at a macro- and microscopic level. The macroscopic level is served by the data collected by the Traffic Police and which are formatted in database tables by ELSTAT.

At a microscopic level, HIT is the only national body that has been collecting and keeping an accident record in the past 15 years as part of research projects. It has participated in all relevant European projects since 2005. The know-how HIT has developed allows studies to be carried out using methodologies and tools implemented at international level.


Accident analysis tools

HITT has a two-wheeled motorcycle for the timely transition to the scene of the accident when the vehicles have not yet moved from their resting positions. The motorcycle is used to access the site of the accident at short distances from CERTH facilities. A hybrid car is also available for long-distance transportation and the transport of bulk equipment to inspect the vehicles involved. Digital simulation software for accident conditions. Three-dimensional scanners for digitizing the deformed collision surface. HIT has dynamic driving simulators that can simulate possible driving accident scenarios in order to study the driver's behaviour.


What are the benefits of an expert accident analysis?

In-depth analysis of a traffic accident provides information on:

  • Position and collision characteristics
  • Impact speeds
  • Driving speeds of vehicles
  • Type and time of maneuvers
  • Distances and timing of drivers / riders available to avoid accident.
  • Damage to the vehicle before the accident
  • Quality of vehicle repairs

These data are necessary to identify the causes of the accident ("Why did it happen?").


Who is interested?

In principal, it is of interest to all directly and indirectly involved parties, to protect them from damages resulting from incorrect interpretations of events, in the absence of specialized knowledge for the correct interpretation of the findings. Every accident case is a valuable source of information to deal with future accidents and reduce their traumatic impact.


From HIT services can benefit:

  • Road network operators - motorways
  • Local authorities - Municipalities
  • Ministries (e.g. Infrastructure and Transport, Health)
  • Judicial authorities, by assigning serious road accidents to provide independent and scientifically sound opinion of accident conditions

In general, HIT, as a public sector body, provides its services to public bodies and services, as well as to private companies via a service contract. However, the request for analysis of a private case should come from the public prosecutor's office, in the context of the independent role/expert opinion of HIT.


Cost of accident analysis

HIT uses similar charging fees to other European teams. An indicative cost per case is summarized in the following table:


Type of service


Analysis of accident: >50 cases per year


1500 Euro ex VAT per accident

Analysis of accident: <50 cases per year


1800 Euro ex VAT per accident

Analysis of a single accident (varies from the hours required for the analysis)

>1300 Euro ex VAT

Reading a single accident file (varies from the size of the file)

>250 Euro ex VAT

For more information, please contact the head of lab Dimitris Margaritis, Ph.D. candidate (Contact details: tel.: 2310 498467 and email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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